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Monday, August 07, 2006

Something about sets

The other day, I was lucky enough to get tickets with my mom to the Sodhiem musical A Little Night of Music at my local summer stock theatre. The sets were stunning and to top it all off, it was fairly conceptual.
Since the stage is a round one, sets can't be blocking people's view of the stage. For this show, the set had eight flies (the things that come down from the ceiling) and they were these very beautiful paintings. They were Victorian paintings, I assume, and the colours blended very well with the rest of the color palette. Then they were lit from the back with a gold/amber light that made them look very awsome! The first act was just done with five or six pieces that were moved by the extras in maid and butler costumes, to change the setting. I thought that was a very intersting idea, because I have never seen it done in a real production. Plus this was the first time that I saw that done at Music Circus.
For the secound act tree branches were flown in and out for the outside and at the end they lit up! I really want to know how those things were built so I can incorperate those into some of my designs!

Anyway, more to come!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hi, I'm back

Sorry about not posting, I have been very busy with life lately. Anyway I would like to talk about Project Runway.
If you haven't already heared or watched PR, it is a reality "game" where fashion designers sew their greatest creations in about a day and then they are judged. It is an intersting looking at how designers design. It is intersting because they have to pull inspiraton very very quickly, unlike theatrical designers, at least what I have read, who have more than a half an hour. I also like seeing how the clothes are put together. That is the part that I need help with because I can design all I want, but I can't really make the items, although I hope to learn more in college!
I will have a set design that I want to scan in and put up, but I don't have my new scanner setup yet, but the design will be up within a few works.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Great Book: The Devil in the White City

I'm sure you have heard of this book but I'm currently reading it, but anyway, it is just plain awsome. The book is nonfiction but doesn't at all read like one. It almost sounds like the author just made everything up about the World's fair. If you haven't read the book, it is about a serial killer and the World's Columbian Expo and how the two intersect. The details and the amount of reasearch is amazing. While some of the details are conjecture, it is plainly stated in a witty way! Anyway it is a great book and you should check it out, if you haven't already.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There is no business like show business

This is from Wagner College's website!

There never was show business like we know it until May 11,1888, when Israel Baline was born in Tyumen, Russia. Maybe you don’t recognize this name; but we’re sure you’ll recognize and be able to sing many of the tunes he composed when he grew up.

Israel came to the United States with his family at the age of four. His father died several years later, so Israel took to the streets of New York, singing on street corners and in saloons, and as a singing waiter, all to earn money to help support his family. It was the beginning of a wonderful career in song, stage and movies. A printer’s error on the music sheet for his composition, Marie from Sunny Italy, accidentally changed his name. The change became permanent.

Mr. American Music, better known to us as Irving Berlin, wrote more songs than we care to count including Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Always, Doin’ What Comes Naturally, Puttin’ on the Ritz, Blue Skies, Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning, Play a Simple Melody, and God Bless America. This man, who could neither read nor write music, also composed a song titled, Smile and Show Your Dimple. You probably never heard of that one; but seventeen years later, when produced, it became a hit as Easter Parade.

Berlin wrote the scores for many Broadway shows (Annie Get Your Gun) and films (Top Hat). Winning an Oscar for his composition, White Christmas, Irving Berlin had the unique experience of opening the envelope that contained his name. He was the presenter at this segment of the Academy Awards for 1942 and upon opening the envelope, said, “This goes to a nice guy; I’ve known him all my life. The winner is ... me.”

The composer of There’s No Business Like Show Business truly knew the meaning of those words.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Journal Entry

So I wrote this for a journal reflection in class a couple of weeks ago, and I just felt like posting it.

I believe in the arts. I believe the arts are essential one's life. I believe in the creative soul. I have always loved crafts, drawing, design, music, sculpture, drama, dance, and the many other forms of art. When I believed I was a math/science person and took a break from the arts. I was unhappy about the drection of my life was going.* But I when I returened to drama and found out it is the thing I want to persue in life. I have also seen people use the arts as an outlet for their emotions. I have seen directions of people's lives change because of the arts. Also, the arts keep kids in schools. They promote other postive activies, and help with test scores.

I also think that our society is coming back to creativity, slowy, but still coming back. I think our job as an artist should be promoting the arts to everyone, making art more assiable. Instead of just painting for the pure passion of painting, mix a little passion of speading the idea of painting to the general public, who wouldn't think of painting as a hobby or a career.

*I totally respect the math/science people, I just know it wasn't where I belonged

Saturday, May 06, 2006


IKEA is one of the world's coolest places! I just went today and saw some really cool things. I really like the fact that IKEA is cheap and has ready good designs. Plus you don't have to feel guilty about painting the lighting fixtures or other accories in order for it to fit in the decore. This a great feture in theatre because you can get qulity items that can work just as well as the $1500 light fixture, even if the item is slightly off of what you are looking for.

I'm currently working on a set design for the people who would like to see some of my set designs.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, last Thursday was my school's art show and I got in! All three of my photos got in the show! I even got Honorable Mention for my picture that was taken from the inside of one of the clocks at the Orsay in Paris. It sold as well! The person who bought it says I have real talent! Anyway I got to go!